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About us

Global Translations is a UK based company that provides a multi-language range of professional translations globally.

We offer swift and accurate translations that are of excellent quality with fast delivery speeds.

Technology, people and cultures evolve continuously and so do we.

You can be assured that our linguistic accuracy will guarantee your content doesn’t let you down.

Who we are

Global Translations is a globally respected company offering expert translations in 900+ language combinations in a variety of texts. All our translations are accurate, and we take pride in what we do. We are a team of experts, who are client-driven and passionate about what we do.

What we do

  • Help you connect with your global audience

  • Help you expand into new markets

  • Reduce costs

  • Save time

What sets us apart?

Working with Global Translations is a unique and special experience. In every step of the process we reassure our customers that the job will get done accurately and when they need it. We take deadlines seriously. Our customers have confidence in us and so enjoy a stress-free experience.

Mission, Vision and Values

Global Translations seeks to eliminate language and cultural barriers. We do this by integrating our global resources, advanced technologies and modern language practices enabling us to revolutionise the translation industry to become the global market leader.

We pride ourselves on integrity, transparency and honesty to earn your trust. 

Global translations accepts it's responsibilities in helping the local community, having sponsored a player from our local football team Jesmond F.C. One of our goals is to become more active in the local community and contribute to a better world.

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